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Monthly Meeting of Intergroup Reps (IGRs)

May 2024 Intergroup Meeting

Wednesday, May 8th - 6:00 pm. 
The May meeting is back in Easton.
Church of the Brethren

412 S. Harrison St.

We meet in person AND online on Zoom:

Zoom direct link


Manual login:

Meeting ID - 318 348 7204

Password - 991005


Click on links to obtain/download reports

Current By-Laws as of Feb. 2022

Current Operating Guides as of Feb. 2022

Disbursement Request Form (Expense Reimbursement)


Are you interested in volunteering on one or our committees? Please complete this form and we will contact you.

Please mail your group contributions to Midshore Intergroup, P.O. Box 643, Easton MD 21601-8911
It is suggested that group treasurers follow the "60/30/10 plan" as a guide.
Please print this document!
updated 2/18/24
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We are actively seeking AA members to participate in the monthly MSIG meetings. Please join us In-Person on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:00 p.m.  (details listed above).

What Intergroup does:

  • Answer phones or walk-in requests for help

  • Distribute up-to-date lists of A. A. meetings

  • Stock and sell A. A. literature

  • Coordinate efforts between local groups to carry the message

  • Serve as a vital link between local members and A. A. General Services.

  • Accommodates committees that provide Outreach, Institutions, Public Information, and other service work. 


How does it work?

  • Representatives from local groups meet monthly to discuss ideas and ways to carry the AA message to those in recovery and who are still suffering in the community.

  • Events and activities are organized, literature purchased and distributed, meetings organized in treatment centers and correctional facilities.  

  • Recovering AA members provide hours of service to "give back" for what they have been given in AA. For many members, service work has saved their lives.

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