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Intergroup Officers & Committee Chairs

Each month a meeting is held to coordinate efforts among the groups to help us carry the message of A. A. recovery.  Representatives from local groups attend, as well as the Intergroup officers (below.) All are welcome, but only a group's representative may vote.  

Chair  Meg G. 

Vice Chair  Matt S.

Secretary  Nancy A.

Treasurer  Jane T.



Office Management  Ginger G.

Activities  Anne E.

Bridging the Gap  Lisa B.

Treatment Center & Corrections  Lisa B.

Budgets & Finance  Jim R.

Digital Comm. & Outreach  Caitlin L.


"We are but trusted servants,

we do not govern."

Opening available for Office Management!

Please contact Ginger G. for details

Contact Intergroup

If you'd like some more information about A. A. or to speak to someone, please write us at  or call 410-822-4226.

Are you interested in volunteering for a committees? Please complete this form and we will be in touch!

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