Our Mission

The primary purpose of Mid-Shore Intergroup is to provide help when a still-

suffering alcoholic requests it.  Like regular A.A. groups, our primary purpose is

to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous.   Here are some of the things Intergroup does:

  • Answer phone or walk-in requests for help

  • Distribute up-to-date lists of A. A. meetings

  • Stock and sell A. A. literature

  • Coordinate efforts between local groups to carry the message

  • Provide information on treatment centers, hospitals and halfway houses

  • Serve as a vital link between local members and A. A. General Services. 

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If you want to drink
that's YOUR business...
If you want to stop,
that's OURS!

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Office Hours 
Monday 9 AM - 11 AM 
Tuesday 6 PM - 9 PM (please call first.  The building is locked after 5 PM. We will meet you at the door) 
Thursday  2 PM - 4 PM
Friday      9 AM - 11 AM
Saturday  9 AM - 11 AM 

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