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Find a Meeting Near You on Thursday

CHESTERTOWN - **Needs Support** Alano Club 103 Dixon Dr.  Early Risers Group - Big Book.  7:00 AM  Map

EASTON - 315 E. Dover St.  Morning Recovery Group - 12 & 12.  8:30 AM Map

CAMBRIDGE - Overflow Cafe 400 Muir Street, 12 Noon Map

CHESTER - Kent Island United Methodist Church 2739 Cox Neck Rd. "Kent Island Lunch Group" 12 Noon Map

CHESTERTOWN - **Needs Support** Alano Club 103 Dixon Dr.  Brown Bag Group - Open Discussion.  12 Noon Map

EASTON - 315 E. Dover St. The Promises / Primary Purpose Group, 12 Noon Map

EASTON - Grace Lutheran Church  111 Brooklets Ave.  BYO Lunch Group  12:15 PM Map

CHESTERTOWN - **Needs Support** Alano Club 103 Dixon Dr.  Working It After Work Group.  Step discussion.  

5:30 PM Map


CAMBRIDGE - Dorchester General Hospital 300 Byrne St. Use Main Entrance, Solarium or Conference Room.
Big Book Meeting   7 PM Map

EASTONTrinity Episcopal Cathedral315 Goldsborough St, Parish Hall (Enter on North St).  Easton Thursday Night Group.  7:00 PM Map

STILLPOND - United Methodist Church 12801 Stillpond Rd.  7:00 PM Map

CHESTERTOWN - Emmanuel Episcopal Church 101 N. Cross St. "Grateful Alive Group" CLOSED 8:00 PM Map

CHURCH HILL - **Needs Support** Church Hill Methodist Church 508 Main St.
"Thursday Night Group" 8:00 PM Map

EAST NEW MARKET - Warwick Manor Behavioral Health 3680 Warwick Rd. 8:00 PM Map

QUEENSTOWNQueenstown Methodist Church 7113 Maryland Ave "Variety in Sobriety"  8:00 PM  Map

ST MICHAEL'S - Christ Church Episcopal Church 114 Willow St, Parish Hall.  St. Michael's Group - Open Discussion.  7:30 PM Map

STEVENSVILLE - Living Water Lutheran Church, 121 E. Main St.  Kent Island Group - CLOSED (Open last Thurs of Month),  8:00 PM Map

WYE MILLS - Episcopal Church 14114 Old Wye Mills Rd, Parish Hall.  Little Acorn Group. 8:00 PM Map

"I am responsible... when anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of

A. A. always to be there.  And

for that I am responsible."